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13.7… the birth

Cristina Palacios, is a graduate of RMIT and the Tasmanian College of the Arts. Cristina is a Hobart-based artist who draws on her Argentinian heritage, iconography and mythology, and her previous experience as a fashion designer, to create artworks inspired by the Big Bang, the beginnings of life and the universe, and the ongoing cycle of creation and life.

As part of this ongoing life and creation consciousness and from her Argentinian heritage, many works feature Pachamama, the sacred cosmic feminine god symbolising fertility, infinity and the divine. 

Often using fabrics such as silk, and augmenting with fine threads, paint and beads, she is attracted to detail and fine handicraft, and these techniques are used to generate a sense of wonder in her work.  

‘She  who  dreams  in  the  dark  hours  of  the  night  with  far  away  worlds  comes  upon,  in the  abstract  language  of  the  mind,  the  path  to  unknown  mysterious  universes,  finding  herself  travelling  into  the  mesmerising  luminosity  of  the  cosmic  womb…’
– Cristina Palacios

The title of this exhibition by Cristina Palacios, 13.7…the birth, refers to the dawn of creation, the beginning of life in the universe after the Big Bang which occurred 13.7 billion years ago.  Creation never ends, the birth canal was the connecting tunnel to allow the passage of the cosmos to the Great Mother’s house.  This project investigates the artists personal, cultural and spiritual beliefs, in particular the spiritualised God Mother figure, called ‘Pachamama’ in Argentinean culture.

Pachamama is a sacred cosmic living being and a feminine god that is fertile and nurturing. In South American mythology Pacha represents infinity and the divine. The infinite aspect is often represented by the use of the circle with no beginning and no end. This infinite cycle represents the Universe, evolution and the spiritual growth throughout our lives.  The circle is explored as a spiritual motif and as a symbol of the ‘ ‘feminine’, the ‘God Mother’ or Matrix from which all other revolves/evolves, as well as notions of energy, cyclical repetition and transformation.  Cristina believes that all life starts as a dot in the universe, a single cell or atom that transforms into matter, energy and sometimes humanity.

Cristina’s approach is interdisciplinary; she is inspired by the hidden potential of unconventional materials, and the spontaneity of drawing practices, particularly within an installation context.  Her research attempts to combine a wide range of different materials, processes, and influences. This reflects the diverse cultural and personal experiences throughout her life. The  incorporation of these prior histories within her art practice is extermenly important.

Cristina’s practice combines and is open to an eclectic range of cultural influences, many of which stem from her Argentinean heritage and has been profoundly influenced by her Latin American sensibility with strong links to both traditional art and the Neo- concrete  movements  in  Brazil,  indigenous  art  from  Australia,  traditional  Japanese  art  and  the  new  realism  work  of French artist Yves Klein.  Her practice embraces ideas of hybridity, recycling and visual excess. Cristina is drawn to the use of unconventional materials such as found objects, packaging and detritus in my installations. She is interested in constructing imaginary spaces from a feminine perspective by responding to the architecture of the actual space and extending her interest in metaphysical subject matter

Cristina’s previous profession as a fashion designer has influenced her use of fabric, sewing, and craft materials.  She is attracted to detail and fine handicraft, and these techniques are used to generate a sense of wonder and absorption in her work.  Using craft to convey a sense of femininity, Cristina uses colour and a repetitive action to access the subconscious abstract realms.

Thursday 26 November – Sunday 6 December 2015

Thursday 26 November 2015 @ 6:00pm
Exhibition to be opened by Lucy Bleach

Saturday 28 November 2015 @ 2:00pm

Saturday 5 December 2015 @ 2:00pm

Image Credit: Cristina Palacios

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