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First Impressions

An exhibition by SAC Resident Artist
Melanie McCollin-Walker,
inspired by Bruny Island

Growing up on the island of Barbados I always day dreamt about traveling beyond its shores, hoping to discover all of the wonders the world had to offer. The first time I went to Bruny, I felt an immediate connection to the land… a sense of belonging… like I had travelled full circle and was home again.  

There was something transcendent about my time at Bull Bay. It was a unique opportunity for me to ensconce myself in a landscape, which I felt innately drawn to. I was fascinated and amazed by the purity of the light and its dynamic impact on the surrounding scape. The main focus of my time during the residency was to hone my observational skills and use my work as a way to journal the constant environmental shifts from one moment to the next. 

It was a truly immersive experience and one that will be woven into my practice for many years to come.
– Melanie McCollin-Walker

Sunday 1 – Monday 30 April 2018
10:00am – 4:00pm daily


Image Credits:
Melanie McCollin-Walker. Chasing Storms (2017). 95cm x 85cm. Photographer: Szekiat Koh. © Melanie McCollin-Walker.

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