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Island Collection is a group of 26 art enthusiasts from a wide range of backgrounds, who joined together in 2009 with the aim of building an outstanding collection of Tasmanian art over a ten-year period. The collective is an initiative of Bett Gallery, who have instigated around 16 similar groups over the last 27 years.

Works are acquired with quarterly contributions from members. A program of speakers, who are mostly practicing artists, give members insight into their work at quarterly talks to the group in a member’s home. An elected executive committee meets regularly to manage organisational aspects of the group and primarily to discuss purchasing strategies and decisions. Collected works are distributed amongst members to hang or display in their homes for 6 months, after which time artworks are rotated and members have a new work to hang for another 6 months. It is an opportunity to live with artworks that you would not otherwise choose to buy…..and sometimes don’t even like! The exposure and experience can be challenging at times, and looking and learning to appreciate works outside your comfort zone can sometimes make for unexpected revelations…..it is possible to discover that you have learned to like it!

To date 24 Tasmanian artists are represented by 34 acquisitions. This exhibition is an opportunity for members to look at their collection displayed together for the first time. There are many artists not yet represented, with some exciting emerging artists yet to include. Seeing the collection exhibited helps to refine member expectations of what they want the collection to be and gain some insight into the direction the collection could take over the next 5 years. Tasmania has such a large pool of talented creative people. Belonging to the group is an enjoyable way to appreciate as well as support Tasmanian artists, and this exhibition celebrates the achievements of the group in their journey this far.

Artists represented:
Bett Gallery
Raymond Arnold (printmaking and painting)
Les Blakebrough (ceramic)
Pat Brassington (photography)
Tim Burns (painting)
Geoff Dyer (painting)
Corrie Fullard (Palawa stringer)
Patrick Grieve (painting)
Patrick Hall (sculpture)
Jeanette James (Palawa stringer)
Jamin (printmaking)
David Keeling (painting)
Jonathan Kimberley (painting)
Kevin Lincoln (painting)
Ricky Maynard (photographer)
Milan Milojevic (printmaking)
Chen Ping (painting)
Paul Snell (photography)
David Stephenson (photography)
Imants Tillers (painting)
Lucia Usmiani (collage)
Martin Walch & David Stephenson (digital work)
Richard Wastell (painting)
Belinda Winkler (sculpture)
Philip Wolfhagen (painting)
Helen Wright (printmaking, painting/collage)
Friday 13 February 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 14 February 10:00am – 5:00pm

The compiled images contains sections from L to R :

• Helen Wright – The Exquisite Corpse of Seaweed Man 2011
• Chen Ping – Yellow Light, Tree, Blue Bird, Complex Emotions 2012
• Martin Walch & David Stephenson – Lake King William: Four Mornings 2011
• Geoff Dyer – After the Storm 2014
• Pat Brassington – Camouflage 2010
• Philip Wolfhagen – New Exaltation Concept No 6 2012
• Patrick Hall – 27,511 Days 2013
• Imants Tillers – Nature Speaks CV 2011

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