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Remote Lands

Drawings by Raymond Dean,
from his recent journeys through the world´s harsh and remote regions.

This exhibition of selected drawings by Raymond Dean are of journeys through some of the world´s harsh and remote environments and landscapes on the margins of human habitation, and were done between 2006 and 2016 while traveling alone through remote parts of Asia, Europe, Morocco and South America. These include the regions of high mountains and deserts of Central Asia, Tibet, and Morocco, far northern latitudes of Europe, such as the central-west of Norway, Iceland and northern Scotland, and the Patagonian and Atacama regions of the South American Andes.

Being on the move for many months at a time, without private transport over 3 periods of 2 years away, he used drawing materials that suited the natural conditions and travel constraints. The drawings are done with oil stick and pastel, or soft and condensed charcoal. All were done on site and on paper so he could work rapidly in challenging environmental and climatic conditions. In most situations it was just a case of intuitively wandering about the landscape and stopping to draw whenever something captured his interest. He simply let the places he drew wash over him without trying to conceptualise them. His natural state of working is in an expressive and intuitive way, without imposing himself or any human centered conceptual theory on the places being drawn.

Thursday 8 – Tuesday 13 March 2018
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

Thursday 8 March 2018 @ 5:30pm

Sunday 11 March 2018, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Image Credits: Raymond Dean

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