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Sitting Babies

Sitting Babies is an appraisal of potential worth in relation to the manifestation of physical environment by emerging artist Samuel Johnstone.

The show takes the form of a makeshift home laboratory where the specimens created have become more than their creator had bargained for due to their own ill planning.  As such, the creatures become composed of things found at hand, become tied to expectations that render common ideas of potential as absurd.

The work entertains the idea that the order of nature that humans view is convenient yet illogical. Using materials sourced from supermarkets, discount stores, tip shops and wheelie bins I am presenting motifs of childhood, science and self, to highlight the lines upon which we shape our physical environment.

“My hope is to offer an alternative point of view on the ideas of achievement. This is delivered in the form of the familiar gone awry through extraneous pressure, with the aim to spur a contemplation of acceptance of the surrounding world as a group just trying to make do.”
– Samuel Johnstone

Wednesday 5 – Sunday 30 August 2015<
9:00am – 5:00pm weekdays

OFFICIAL OPENING: Wednesday 5 August 2015 @ 5:30pm

In conversation about the ideas of linking ones thought processes with the physical world through the procedural involvement with matter, and how the artists charge or potential may possibly not exceed this.

Image Credit: Samuel Johnstone

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