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SOUTH of TOWN : Expressions from the Huon

Five artists from the Huon Valley region have come together to showcase their work.

Featuring works by Jill Patrick, Clare De Mayo, Bob Brown, Stephen Carter and Bruce Wall.

The Huon Valley region is known for its excellent produce and magnificent environment, and increasingly for its many exceptional, talented artists. Working in different mediums, each of these artists respond to the things they feel and see around them, creating works which display high technical ability and variety.

Intricate pencil drawings explore imaginative spaces and emotional connections whilst recycled metal sculptures display amazing textures and surfaces. Expressive paintings with colours and layers of pattern describe natures’ rhythms and the spirit of place, and photographs depict the macrocosm of magnificent vistas or zoom in to the fine detail of the smallest rock pool. This exhibition displays a variety and diversity of excellent works that will definitely impress.

Jill Patrick has been a painter for many years and began creating pencil works on paper about three years ago, mainly because it was such a portable medium. She now loves its flexibility, its possibilities and its limitations. Her subject matter comes from seeing a shape, a pattern, an object, a creature, a word, a sound or a feeling and she tries to make whatever has captured her attention into an interesting composition. Her work evolves from a starting point but she doesn’t know where it’s going to end up until she has finished.

Clare De Mayo‘s  paintings have grown out of her daily walks along the Huon river foreshore,  observing the subtle changes of light and form which give a sense of the unique atmosphere and feeling of each place. She uses layers of transparent paint over tracery lines and patterns, to convey these different stories, histories, rhythms and lines of flight, tides and migration that lie beneath the surface.

Well known activist and environmentalist Bob Brown shows his appreciation for the landscape through his beautiful photographs. He says,

‘Photography is a reflection of life on Earth. And I love it. I like to set the camera on automatic and grab the action, or take time to frame the image. There is no better place on the planet than Tasmania for nature lovers and photographers. These shots are from rambles in Tasmania and on the mainland in recent years.’

Stephen Carter lives near Randalls Bay, and is drawn to the natural patterns of the coastline, particularly the inter-tidal zone, where the processes of erosion are ongoing and the terrain are always changing. He is also interested in the recurring patterns in nature which, when all indications of scale are removed, become other kinds of landscapes. His exquisitely detailed photographs depict these wonderful images.

Sculptor Bruce Wall has been searching for and collecting old hand tools and implements for many years and has spent hours walking along old railway tracks finding old sleeper pins among other things. He enjoys the simplicity of the search and the excitement in finding long forgotten tools that have been discarded, beautifully rusted symbols of hard work and simpler methods. About a year ago he began making them into new objects, shapes and sculptures that give them new life and purpose.

Wednesday 23 March – Sunday 3 April 2016
10:00am – 4:00pm daily

Wednesday 23 March 2016 @ 5:30pm
Exhibition to be opened by Rosalie Woodruff

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