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The SPEECH IN THE SILENCE: The Silence in the Speech
with Brendan Walls | Secondary

This summer, the Salamanca Arts Centre is excited to launch
SAC SUMMER SESSIONS: Fun and engaging Creative Workshops for Kids.

Come and visit for a range of holiday activities proudly run and designed by a handful of established and emerging Tasmanian based artists and designers.

This special workshop,
developed over many decades
and recently invited to the University of Turin’s
cross media symposium,
is designed to open ears and minds.

We spend most of our lives hearing
but rarely do we listen.

International recording artist, instrument designer, and sound recordist Brendan Walls takes us deep into the living world of sonic phenomena.

Incorporating field recording, deep listening, visualisation and meditation techniques the program seeks to awaken our noise saturated ears to the intricate and incredible world of sound that is taking place around us. A must for musicians, architects and artists of all disciplines, this one of a kind workshop will give you the skills, discipline and deep concentration needed to cut through the static and pluck the gold from the dirt.

All Materials Provided.

Thursday 11 January 2018
10:00am – 12:00noon

COST: $15 + BF
Tickets available ONLINE

For further information, please contact the Program Coordinator, Ainslie Macaulay on 03 6234 8414.

Image Courtesy of Brendan Walls

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