Artists to look out for during Dark MOFO

26f6d7a91ce3598f78fb0717901bb30aA winter festival celebrating the darker side of life, this year’s Dark MOFO program offers a huge diversity of artistic expression. So where to begin?

A focus on the local artists in this year’s line-up is one approach.

Creative Director Leigh Carmichael, launching the festival program in April, noted: “We are very proud to say that ongoing collaborations with other Tasmanian organisations like Detached, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Salamanca Arts Centre, Macquarie Point, Moonah Arts Centre, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Contemporary Art Tasmania and a number of local arts collectives has allowed us to showcase the largest group of Tasmanian artists of any previous Dark Mofo festival.”

So here are a few highlights to consider.

Radio Gothic (HyPe artists 2015-2016) and Salamanca Arts Centre bring you Episode 1: The Pit telling the creepy story of a young woman sent to solitary confinement whose fears threaten to overwhelm her. Featuring young actor Katie Roberston (Rosehaven, The Kettering Incident) the show challenges the audience to 40 minutes durational suspense. The Radio Gothic collective is sound designer/composer Heath Brown and playwrights Briony Kidd, Carrie McLean and Alison Mann, who combine varied skills across theatre and filmmaking to create unique theatrical experiences. Opens 9 pm 15 June in the Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre, runs until 18 June.

Constance ARI’s Neither Here Nor There opens 15 June at the Railway Roundabout. Features Lucy Parakhina (TAS) and Natasha Manners (VIC), Karin Chan (TAS) and Todd Fuller (NSW), James Wilson (TAS) and Connie Anthes (NSW), curated by Rebecca Holmes.

Michaela Gleave (SITUATE Art in Festivals Arts Lab artist 2013) presents A Galaxy of Suns on 10 and 11 June at Dark Park, in which microtonal sonic cues are delivered to members of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus, allowing each to sing the stars live, in real-time for the location. Here’s a video of the incredible work, in case you missed it.

Contemporary Art Tasmania and Dark MOFO present Divination by Nancy Mauro-Flude (HyPE, 2011). Weave ye way through a maelstrom of data highlighting piracy – both the eye patch and the information kind. Drift upon a sea of network traffic; non-human pirate girls will haunt you along the way. Experience the installation in Dark Park from 11 to 19 June.

Tasdance presents Hal’cyon, a 14-hour dance performance installation of sustained beauty and intensity, a single performer nests on an ocean of sound, light, and imagery. Dancers of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels are invited to become performers in this piece.

In Brainstorm nine Tasmanian artists artists occupy and activate the Centre for the Arts in Hunter Street—inside and out. Featuring Michael Schiltz, Pat Brassington, Matt Warren, Andrew Harper, Scot Cotterell, Amanda Davies, Darren Cook, Grace Herbert, Jacob Leary. Curated by John Vella.

In Dark Ocean art meets science, as data collected during raging storms, video, sculpture, and performances, light up the windows of our Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies building. Featuring Jordan Baseman, Keith Deverell, Tace Kelly, Peter Morse, Anya Reading, Kit Wise Martin Gal.

In The Cloud by Patrick Hall hundreds of illuminated faces hang overhead in bottles, and weep into a thin skim of water on the ground below.

And finally, running alongside Dark MOFO, Andy Vagg (SITUATE Art in Festivals Arts Lab artist 2013) presents For Every Mile I Have Ever Flown…, a performance-based installation around a handcrafted shrine creating a metaphorical and literal platform to connect with the quandaries of contemporary living. Performances take place every evening between 6 and 7 pm until 21 June in Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre.

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