The Seed Project

The Seed Project is a new devised performance work by Trisha Dunn.

The Seed Project

The Seed Project is the evolution of her Inside Out project that was selected buy audiences at Junction Arts Festival as the winner of LikeHyPe 2013 and then also selected by the HyPe 2014 Curatorial panel for inclusion in the 2014 Program.

The Seed Project examines the relationship between an audience and a performer from the perspective of a shared experience which is both live and embedded in us via memory.

The narrative of the work will be conveyed through an intimate relationship between the performers, the audience and the space, such that they each receive a unique vantage point and experience.The Seed Project will investigate a broad range of performative crafts and production techniques utilizing a skilled and diverse team of artists.

Lead Creatives: Trisha Dunn, Sophia Hall, Alex Rigozzi, Sean Munro and Darren Willmott