Lorena Cabezas :

Lorena Cabezas is a contemporary designer and maker

Lorena Cabezas :<br>MINA

Designer/maker Lorena Cabezas works in her own studio in Hobart as well as part of a collective. Having influences from the past that come to life with a contemporary finish is currently concentrating on the label MINA accessories to suit Tasmanian seasonal days and works with new as well as recycled fabrics or trims. Inspired to be part of Hobart’s creative community while on a steady path away from fast fashion and spending endless hours in the studios.

Lorena is also a member of MIXTAPE, a collective of three artists (including Pixe Link and Melly Frank) in Space 119A, collaborating on creative works that are showcased in [spacebar gallery]

Image Credits: KC Cabezas / KC Cabezas / Lorena Cabezas / Lisa Link