Emily Snadden

Emily Snadden is a contemporary Jewellery designer / manufacturer

Emily Snadden

Emily Snadden’s practice includes
production works inspired by Tasmanian flora,
contemporary wearable art pieces
and one of a kind commission works.

Emily completed a BFA (with Honours) at the University of Tasmania in 2003 before embarking on training to become a qualified manufacturing Jeweller. She graduated from the JAA accredited BA (Jewellery) in 2006 and completed a Master of Arts Practice (Jewellery) with High Distinction in 2009. Emily has worked in the Jewellery industry for over 11 years, both in sales and subsequently as onsite manufacturing Jeweller in a respected high end Jewellery store in Hobart. For the last two years she has concentrated on establishing a small business – Emily Snadden Design. Emily works in precious materials and natural gemstones; my range includes contemporary production works, exhibition pieces and one off commissions.

Emily’s work is heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the Tasmanian landscape and our native flora. She takes inspiration from the unique natural forms within the local environment. Emily is intrigued by the variety of flora, its abundance and the proximity of it to the built up environment. She spends a lot of time wandering in the native bush land collecting specimens to sketch or work from directly through the process of lost wax casting. Her work is both organic and structured – a reference to the proximity and integration of flora and infrastructure within the built up environment. Emily often combine handmade and machine made/cast components which reference the contrast of the forest to the architecture of the city. Her work is both delicate and whimsical; Emily hopes to capture the intricate details, textures and geometry within the Tasmanian environment.

Solo exhibitions by Emily Snadden at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Sketch  (2018)


Image Credits: Emily Snadden. JAA & IJDE Winner 2010, 2011 Precious Limb Bangle. Pod Earrings. Stackable Ring (flora)