HyPe Hybrid Performance Program

HyPe is the Hybrid Performance Program initiative of Salamanca Arts Centre

HyPe Hybrid Performance Program

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre.


HyPe supports the creation of innovative, contemporary hybrid performance in Tasmania by supporting artists to take conceptual leaps and to challenge the existing perceptions of traditional performance.

HyPe 2017-2020 will invest in artists’ practice, not just their projects. Independent Tasmanian artists will be selected and supported for a period of up to two years to develop their practice and share their work as it evolves.

Artists will be supported with artist fees, space and production support. SAC recognises that independent artists operate in a challenging environment where new artists and projects are the least likely to receive support, the least able to access advocacy channels, but critical to a vibrant and innovative cultural life.

Independent arts are where innovators pursue their practices and propel our creativity forward, inspiring others and encouraging audiences to dispel preconceptions. Support of independent artists is vital to a healthy arts ecosystem.

We will be selecting artists that are highly connected with their sector, producing excellent work and committed to innovation. The HyPe Program will continue to strengthen and grow the reach of independent and experimental arts and the cultural sector in Tasmania.


HyPe Projects

Hype 2020

Hype 2019

Hype 2018

Hype 2017

  • TohuVBohu by Brendan Walls
  • The Insider Out by Meg Keating, Sam JohnstoneMatt Boden
  • Robots by Dylan Sheridan & Chamber Made Opera
  • Bec Jones (Finland Residency)

HyPe 2016

HyPe 2015

HyPe 2014

HyPe 2013

HyPe 2012

HyPe 2011

  • Instill by Jason James

Other Past HyPe Programs & Activities

Creative Shots

A HyPe Creative Shot connects emerging artists and performers with experienced mentors, providing opportunities for professional development, networking and the emergence of new, site-specific hybrid projects.

Creative Shots:

  • FAD (2014)
  • Flying Squad Workshop (2011)
  • Search Party Workshop (2011)

Arts Laboratory

Salamanca Arts Centre organises Arts Laboratories, Action Research Workshops and Exchange Hubs. These are practical cross-art form performance-making provocations, workshops and work-in-progress showings for Tasmanian hybrid artists and practitioners who are working in the HyPe Program.

Lab Archive