Major Curated Exhibitions

Each year Salamanca Arts Centre commissions a curator to research and develop a significant exhibition on a specific curatorial concept.

Major Curated Exhibitions

Salamanca Arts Centre annually commissions a curator to research and develop an exhibition on a specific curatorial concept which becomes our Major Curated Exhibition. Emerging, mid-career and established artists from Tasmania, Australia and overseas respond to the curator’s concept.

The exhibitions debut in Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery and Sidespace Gallery then travel to Tasmanian and interstate regional galleries. Contemporary Art Tasmania partners with Salamanca Arts Centre to take the exhibition on tour.

These exhibitions typically attract funding from Arts TasmaniaAustralia Council for the Arts, Gordon Darling Foundation and Contemporary Art Tasmania’s Exhibition Development Fund. They are accompanied by significant catalogues, available from our office on request.

The Major Curated Exhibitions are of national significance and the highest profile activity within the Salamanca Arts Centre annual Arts Program. The extensive interstate tours promote national and Tasmanian artists, often alongside international peers, to audiences across Australia. Salamanca Arts Centre generates more high quality touring exhibitions than other galleries in Tasmania, according to touring partner Contemporary Art Tasmania.

2018 Exhibition

The People’s Library

The People’s Library is a contemporary artwork with a uniquely Tasmanian library at its core. Over 150 authors bring this performance library to life through readings, discussions and live events. Throughout September 2018 a groundswell of public telling awaits.

A collaborative artwork initiated byJusty Phillips and Margaret Woodward of A Published Event, presented in partnership with Salamanca Arts Centre.

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SAC Major Curated Exhibitions

2018: The People’s Library curated byJusty Phillips and Margaret Woodward
of A Published Event
2017: Proof of Life (Studio Sessions) and Proof of Life (Exhibition) curated by Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong
2016: New Alchemists curated by Dr Alicia King
2015: Colonial Afterlives curated by Sarah Thomas
2014: Giving Voice: The Art of Dissent curated by Dr Yvonne Rees-Pagh
2013: Testing Ground curated by Julie Gough
2012: Made in China, Australia curated by Greg Leong
2011: dis-covery curated by Colin Langridge
2009: Chance Encounters curated by Mary Knights and Maria Kunda.
2008: Parallel curated by Dr Brigita Ozolins
2007: An Other Place curated by Seán Kelly
2006: Transport curated by Douglas McManus
2006: ‘Quote’ curated by Colin Langridge
2005: isolation solitude curated by Telford Rigg
2004: SKIN curated by Fiona Foley and Jennie Gorringe
2003: haven curated by Kevin Murray
2002: Seven Warehouses curated by Rebecca Greenwood

Image Credits:The People’s Library (2018)