Felicity Horsley | Donovan John Szypura | Elizabeth Stagg


Tasmania has been given the name ‘The Roadkill state’ it is estimated an average of 30 animals are killed every hour, this is one animal every 2 minutes… Roadkill is a multi disciplinary art project using site-specific installation and performance art to look at human impact on wildlife. Artist Felicity Horsley will explore creative approaches of asking questions, collecting data and making visual some of the unseen statistics, beginning conversations around ethics, respect and our relationship to the wilderness.

Felicity Jane Horsley

Felicity Jane Horsley is a Tasmanian interdisciplinary performing artist, whose practice is founded in physical theatre, circus, film and site-specific exploration. Her projects hold a strong community cultural development focus, as she strives to create positive change through challenging the dominant paradigms that perpetuate a way of life disconnected from each other and our environment.

Donovan John Szypura

Donovan John Szypura is the founder of Matchbox. He is a Graphic Designer and Art Director with more than two decades of experience in the advertising industry in Europe. Donovan is a professional trainer (Swiss Federation of Adult Learning). He has a passion to develop great ideas and he strives to share this passion with people around him. WildWays founder