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Salamanca Art Centre’s most intimate venue
is encountered even before passing through the front doors.

Commanding the best public location in Salamanca Place, the Lightbox is a square metre of window space available to selected artists to install works that utilise the attributes of this special exhibition space. This gallery is part of SAC’s subsidised program and is offered to SAC Associate Members and SAC Resident Artists for FREE on the acceptance of an exhibition application.

The Lightbox is a window space beside the main entrance to the Salamanca Arts Centre on Salamanca Place and can be viewed by the public 24 hours a day.

SAC has an on-going curatorial program for artists to interpret the space with specific installations that reflect its dimensions and the passage of light through it.

In May 2019 the Lightbox underwent some renovations to increase the visibility of works, which included: the removal of the multi-pane window, which was replaced with a single pane window, and new white walls and floor.

Applying for the Lightbox for 2020

SAC assesses applications for the Lightbox twice annually, with the due dates for submissions as 30 April and 30 September each year (excluding special rounds) with special assessment rounds throughout the year if required (due to cancellations etc.).

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications for inclusion in the Lightbox 2020 Calendar. 

There are limited dates available in the Lightbox in 2020. 

Remaining dates in 2020 are:
– February 2020
– March 2020
– April 2020
– May 2020
– August 2020
– October 2020
– December 2020 & January 2021 (combined)

For more information on exhibiting in the Lightbox,  please DOWNLOAD the Lightbox Conditions of Hire (PDF) prior to submitting your online application.

midnight MONDAY 30 September 2019

Please note: All Applications for the Lightbox must be completed online. Paper submissions will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at venues@salarts.org.au

Alert for Next Call for Applications

The Call for Applications for 2020 is now OPEN!

To be notified of the next Call for Applications for the Lightbox, including for dates in 2020 and from 2021 onwards, please complete the ALERT ME Online Form and you will be contacted once the next Call for Applications opens.

Please note: All Applications for the Lightbox must be completed online. Submissions be any other means will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at venues@sac.org.au

Conditions of Hire

For more information on the hire of the Lightbox, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Lightbox Conditions of Hire (PDF)

Venue Hire Rates


Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members / Resident Artists:
FREE for a one month Hire Period (approx.)


CLICK HERE to view the available dates in the Lightbox Calendar.

Please contact the Venues Manager via email for more detailed information on exhibiting in the Lightbox.

Image Credits:
Night Light (2016) by Joey Gracia. Photograph by Joey Gracia.
A world of my own (2009) by Michelle Gopal. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Gentle Indifference (2010) by Raef Sawford.  Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Kitchen Sink (2010) by Lotte Kronborg. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Psyence (2011) by Michelle Gopal. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Migration (2010) by Bert Aperloo. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.

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Miss Garton’s Home
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1 August - 31 August

An unraveling of the mysterious souls that lay in wait, some for many decades, to emerge from dried up paint tubes, rusty nails, tins and tattered fabric. This eclectic mix…

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September 2019



2 September - 30 September

Presented by Stitching and Beyond Inc. Part of Stitching and Beyond‘s Biennial Exhibition Every second year, Stitching and Beyond members are given a one word title to create artworks for the Lightbox at…

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October 2019


A Princess’ Castle

1 October - 31 October

A seemingly precarious, precious castle stands tall and strong. Stacked bottles form the foundations for this castle. Stacked in a seemingly precarious arrangement, these discarded bottles are found, cleaned and…

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