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Sidespace Gallery

The Sidespace Gallery is a professional exhibition space that is accessible and affordable for solo artists and small group exhibitions. This gallery is part of Salamanca Art Centre’s subsidised Access Galleries program and is offered to Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members on the acceptance of an exhibition proposal.

A quirky gallery with perfect proportions, the Sidespace Gallery is the gallery of favour for artists wishing to exhibit contemporary work in the public domain. Selected applicants are offered reasonable rates for this outstanding exhibition space. Facilities include contemporary track lighting, demountable hanging panels, lift access and a heritage servery table.

APPLY NOW for Remaining Dates in 2019

SAC Assesses applications for the Sidespace Gallery twice annually, with the due dates for submissions as 30 April and 30 September each year (excluding special rounds).

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications for the remaining dates in the Sidespace Gallery 2019 calendar.
Please note that the remaining dates in 2019 are limited as the majority of the calendar was filled in the assessment round earlier this year.

The remaining dates are:
– Wednesday 30 January – Tuesday 12 February 2019 (14 days)
– Tuesday 16 July – Monday 29 July 2019 (14 days)
– Tuesday 30 July – Monday 12 August 2019 (14 days)
– Tuesday 13 August – Monday 26 August 2019 (14 days)
– Tuesday 27 August – Monday 9 September 2019
(14 days)

For more information on the hire of the Sidespace Gallery, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Sidespace Gallery Conditions of Hire (PDF) prior to submitting your online application. 

midnight SUNDAY 30 September 2018

Please note: All Applications for the Sidespace Gallery must be completed online. Paper submissions will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at venues@salarts.org.au

Applications for 2020 onwards

To be notified of the next Call for Applications for the Sidespace Gallery, please complete the ALERT ME Online Form and you will be contacted once the next Call for Applications opens.

Conditions of Hire

For more information on the hire of the Sidespace Gallery, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Sidespace Gallery Conditions of Hire.

Venue Hire Rates


Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members:
$65 per day / $280 per week


CLICK HERE to view the available dates in the Sidespace Gallery Calendar.

Please note: The Sidespace Gallery Calendar for 2018 is full and applications for 2019 are currently being assessed.

For any other queries in relation to the Sidespace Gallery, please contact the Venues Coordinator via email.

Image Credits:
Osmosis (2010). Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Sidespace Gallery.  Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
AUSLANDER (2014) by Nina Keri. Photography by Fiona Fraser.
When the Crucifix becomes the Sword (2014) by Julie Winlow. Photography by Fiona Fraser.
Burnt Rubber… (2014) by Donna Ritchie. Photography by Fiona Fraser.
Sidespace Gallery.  Photograph by Fiona Fraser.

Upcoming Events

September 2018


Three Portraits :
Part 2.1 : PRESENT :
This is what I see…

12 September - 29 September

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre as part of the Three Portraits Project Curious. Playful. Honest. Last year, Salamanca Arts Centre presented the first chapter of Three Portraits – an ongoing project…

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October 2018


they tell you which rock they were and how they travelled so far

5 October - 13 October

Presented by Constance ARI and Salamanca Arts Centre. Curated by Caitlin Fargher as part of Constance’s Artist / Curator mentorship program. they tell you which rock they were and how they…

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Youth Speakout

16 October - 22 October

Presented by Reconciliation Tasmania This exhibition presents works by secondary students from schools across Tasmania on the topic: ‘How to get better reconciliation outcomes in Tasmania’ Students have been invited to…

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Abstracts and Contemplation

24 October - 5 November

“Abstraction has emphasised the old truth that art must be universal, just as true reality is” – Piet Mondrian, Abstract Art (1941) Margaret Skowronski arrived in Sydney from her mother country, Poland,…

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November 2018



8 November - 19 November

This is the first solo exhibition by emerging artist Emilie Llewellyn Simons. “At my core and foundation is astronomy and astrology. I have been fascinated by astronomy and the night sky…

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December 2018


Draugernes sølv
(Silver of the Draugr)

5 December - 10 December

Tasmanian artist, Vaughn Morphett delivers a horde of Viking-age multi-medium artwork in a contemporary setting. Paintings based on Norse wood and stone carvings will adorn the walls on both canvas and…

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11 December - 17 December

Paperscapes is an exhibition of paper cutting art by Christine Moore Discover intricate paper scenes cut by hand, following the Swiss tradition of paper cutting art (Découpages). The artworks depict…

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