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Top Gallery

Dedicated to exhibiting the works of Emerging Artists, the Top Gallery is an intimate exhibition space infused with heritage character. This gallery is part of Salamanca Art Centre’s subsidised Access Galleries program and is offered to emerging artists who are a Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Member on the acceptance of an exhibition proposal.

The Top Gallery is located on Level 2, nestled beneath the Terrapin Puppet Theatre Workshop in the very attic of the Salamanca Arts Centre at the top of the stairs. The rough-cast, limewashed stone walls, exposed beams and wooden flooring offer a counter-point in form and texture to many types of work.


Applying for the Top Gallery

SAC Assesses applications for the Top Gallery twice annually, with the due dates for submissions as 30 April and 30 September each year (excluding special rounds).

Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) is currently seeking applications for inclusion in the Top Gallery 2019 calendar.
Please note: the Top Gallery calendar for 2018 is full.

For more information on the hire of the Top Gallery, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Top Gallery Conditions of Hire prior to submitting your application. 

DEADLINE for SUBMISSIONS: midnight Monday 30 April 2018


Please note: All Applications for the Top Gallery must be completed online. Paper submission will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at venues@salarts.org.au

Conditions of Hire

For more information on the hire of the Top Gallery, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Top Gallery Conditions of Hire.

Venue Hire Rates


Emerging Artists | Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members:
$150 per month


CLICK HERE to view the available dates in the Top Gallery Calendar.

Please note: The Top Gallery Calendar for 2018 is full.
SAC is not seeking any further applications for dates within this period.

SAC is now seeking applications for dates in 2019 (see above for details : Applying for the Top Gallery)

Top Gallery Program

The emerging artists for 2018 are:
January 2018: A Threatening Confection by Gabrielle Gollogly
February 2018: Creatures of the Deep by Wendy Steinberg
March / April 2018: You, The Meta, The Physic, Me and Charon too. by Edith Perrenot
April / May 2018: Beastly Careless by Donna Ritchie
June 2018: Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship : Julia Todd
July 2018: Where To Now by Tania Price
August 2018: Genii Loci by Rebecca Francis
September 2018: Self-Dissolve : Reiteration by Dexter Rosengrave
October 2018: Shanshan Ai
November 2018: Nolan Art Students K-12 & Adults
December 2018: Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship : Joshua Reilly

View ALL Top Gallery exhibitions HERE

Please contact the Venues Manager via email for more detailed information on the Venue Hire Rates and charges associated with the hire of the Top Gallery.

Image Credits:
MetaMatter (2014) by Nadege Philippe-Janon. Photograph by Craig Opie.
The Great Feast (2013) by Alex Davern. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
DEJA (2011) by CJ Liaubon. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
I Consume Therefore I Am (2014) by Michael Mitro. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Hugging Stranger (2015) by Lui Xianghua. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Me-Helen (2013) by Anna Cocks. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.

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April 2018

Beastly Careless

20 April - 30 May

Donna Ritchie explores the processes of migration, displacement and discovery entwined with the search for belonging and home. Through her monster creations, Donna forms a partly autobiographical depiction of movement through various locations familiar to Tasmanians, and some less so. We trace the journey of these allegorical monsters and their eternal search for the “right spot” – a place of belonging. From South Hobart, all the way to Cradle Mountain, the search and engagement with various locations are explored. Using…

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June 2018


2 June - 29 June

Salamanca Arts Centre presents the works of Julie Todd, recipient of the Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship 2018. Emerging Printmaker Julie Todd examines the personal effect of a life time spent by Tasmania’s moody coastal waters. “I go into nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put into order.” – John Burroughs “Ephemeral effects created by sunlight, wild waves, gentle zephyrs, hidden objects or currents on water’s surfaces continually fascinate me. I am drawn to…

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July 2018

Where To Now

2 July - 31 July

Images of refugees bombard us – on the television news; through our online news sites; while flicking through a newspaper. But how much do we look and what is it we see? Emerging artist Tania Price sources her paintings from media photographs intended to report on the global refugee crisis and related issues, asking the viewer to consider what happens when these ubiquitous images are translated through paint and through the hand of the artist. As part of a PhD…

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August 2018

Genii Loci

4 August - 30 August

A series of drypoints and illustrations exploring the “Genii Loci” (spirits of place) in Tasmania by emerging artist Rebekah Francis. Tasmania is a place of complex overlay; wilderness and culture, form and undertone. These artworks are depictions of observations intermingled with impression. This exhibition features a collection of artworks about the strata of place. They stem from several art residencies and field trips that took place in 2018, in various Tasmanian locales. The artworks are multi-layer drypoint prints, a process which…

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September 2018

Self-Dissolve : Reiteration

1 September - 30 September

Self-Dissolve : Reiteration by emerging artist Dexter Rosengrave is a provocation of the self, self-image and gender identity through the poetics of absence, live performance, photography, video and remnants. Self-Dissolve : Reiteration is part of an ongoing project that exists at the intersections of the self, self-image and the poetics of absence. The artist performed their first iteration of this work in early 2018 where they publicly rejected patriarchal renderings of personhood in favour of embodying the emotive self through sandpapering…

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