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A Sense of Calm

An installation by Melly Frank

“As a sensitive person living in an over stimulating world, I find my mind is often in a state of overwhelm.

For me, the act of meditating has become a vital practice in assisting to lessen these feelings of frenzy and helping greatly in bringing me back to a sense of focus, balance and calm.

With the knowledge that meditation has helped my mental health immensely, I feel compelled to create work that is inspired by the practice.

With change being the only constant one can rely on in life, I aim to reflect this in my work by creating jewellery that can be worn in multiple ways and sculptures that can be interacted with in numerous ways.

Most of my sculptures have been made to a small scale so they have the ability to relate to jewellery as I firmly believe that jewellery should be enjoyed just as much when it is not being worn.

My ultimate hope is that when you observe or interact with my work, you may stop and take a moment out of your day and perhaps experience a sense of calm.”
Melly Frank 

Friday 30 April – Sunday 30 May 2021*

*Installation viewable 24/7


Image Credits: Melly Frank. A sense of Balance (2021). Stoneware. 6cm x 14cm

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