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Abstracts and Contemplation

“Abstraction has emphasised the old truth
that art must be universal, just as true reality is”
– Piet Mondrian, Abstract Art (1941)

Margaret Skowronski arrived in Sydney from her mother country, Poland, in 1978.
In 1999 she moved to Tasmania, which inspired her quest in abstraction.

This exhibition of abstract paintings in oil (from 2012 – 2018) presents Margaret Skowronski varied moods in response to the ever-changing universe: the place where she lives and her frequent travels during which she passionately studies distant cultures, varied arts, architecture and amazing nature.

“Abstraction for me is an ongoing conversation about the universe and the mystery of existence.  It allows me to take a risk to reach for the unknown and express with humility my faith in that unknown… My exploration of abstraction helps me to gradually uncover what strikes,moves and fascinates me. These hidden things become visible when I touch a canvas with brushes, using simple lines, colours and textures, always aiming for simplicity and honesty in my use of medium.”
– Margaret Skowronski

Wednesday 24 October – Monday 5 November 2018
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

Wednesday 24 October 2018, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Exhibition to be opened by Professor Jan Pakulski, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tasmania.

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Image Credits:
Margaret Skowronski. Chrysoprase (2013). Oil on canvas. 91cm x 122cm.
Margaret Skowronski. Curved Forms with White Image (2017). Oil on canvas. 91cm x 122cm.
Margaret Skowronski. Night  Image (2017). Oil on canvas. 91cm x 122cm.

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