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AHOY! Cats On Board

A series of watercolour illustrations
and soft sculpture art dolls,
depicting the life and times
of seafaring cats and their owners.
By Grace Garton

“When I first started this small project I had no idea where this series would take me. My research began with the well known adventurous cats; Mathew Flinders and his cat Trim, Harry McNish and his cat “Mrs” Chippy.

Many cats went to sea on naval ships in WW1 and WW2, they were considered good luck plus they made good ratters and mousers.

To add to my research I put a shout out on social media for folks to email me their stories of felines on board boats, and to my delight I had several people contact me with stories and photos of their seafaring cats.”
Grace Garton

Friday 29 January – Sunday 28 March 2021

**Installation viewable 24/7

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Image Credits:
Key Image : Grace Garton. Fairmile Tassie (2020). Soft sculpture and paper mache. 48 x 25 x 7 cm.
Additional Images:
Grace Garton. Mrs Chippy and Harry McNisch (2020). Soft sculpture. 49 x 31 x 15 cm.
Grace Garton. Redlead (2020). Soft sculpture. 17 x 13 x 4 cm.
Grace Garton. Scarlet (2020). Soft sculpture and paper mache. 40 x 20 x 7 cm.
Grace Garton. Scouse (2020). Soft sculpture. 17 x 13 x 4 cm.

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