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Both sides of either wall |

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre as part of OLDER THAN LANGUAGE

Curated by Nadia Refaei and Ainslie Macaulay

Presented in Kelly’s Garden,
Both sides of either wall
considers the role of public space
in the blurring of place,
memory and meaning.

Featured Artists

Georgina Morgan
Shireen Taweel

GEORGIA MORGAN has been applying paste-ups to Hobart’s overlooked and unseen walls since 2018. For Both sides of either wall, Georgia has applied paste-ups to blue tarpaulin. The use of this material finds connection in the history of Kelly’s Garden as an industrial warehouse space, continuing the artist’s focus on creating meaning in non-prescribed places.

Georgia is interested in the blending of ‘high’ and ‘low’ and the subsequent aesthetic contradictions that occur when using materials in this way. Blue tarpaulin has featured repeatedly in her work since travelling to Malaysia and spending time in her Tamil family’s local Hindu temple – a concrete slab with blue tarpaulin overhead. A space with meaning born from its intention, rather than construction.

Using stills from handy-cam footage the artist took in Malaysia and India, 2018, the paste-ups depict walls and thresholds. When applying them to walls in her current surrounds, the artist imagines she is opening a portal. The texture of the physical wall informs the printed image and vice versa. Where is here and where is there?

SHIREEN TAWEEL’s work broaches the construction of cultural heritage, knowledge and identity through the investigation of physical and public spaces. Her works are often site-specific, weaving local narratives and research through material and sound.

For Both sides of either wall, Shireen has installed a soundscape from her work Beneath Routes into Kelly’s Garden. Taken on a commute between Beirut and Tripoli during Lebanon’s winter, the soundscape is a collage of field recordings that unpacks the artist’s understanding of the Lebanese diaspora and cultural exchange through the digital age. Beneath Routes is currently on show in Byblos, Lebanon at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MACAM) – and throughout the duration of Both sides of either wall, the soundscapes will play simultaneously in Kelly’s Garden, Hobart and MACAM, bridging the two spaces.

Tuesday 16 June – Saturday 8 August 2020

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturdays 10:00am – 4:00pm

Monday – Thursday  : 5PM START (plays 3 x 10 minute cycles) STOPS for 30 minutes until 9PM
Fridays : 5PM START (plays 3 x 10 minute cycles) STOPS 10:30PM
Saturdays : 10AM START (plays 3 x 10 minute cycles with 30 minute intervals) STOPS 10:30PM
Sundays : 10AM START (plays 3 x 10 minute cycles with 30 minute intervals) STOPS 9PM

Previous Exhibition Dates:
Saturday 21 March – Sunday 19 April 2020

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OLDER THAN LANGUAGE is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Council for the Arts, the City of Hobart and the City of Melbourne through ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab.

Image: Georgia Morgan, Red Threshold, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

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