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Bowerbird :
2021 Artfully Queer
Exhibition & Arts Program

Durational Singing and Weaving Performance

Generously supported by the City of Hobart’s Creative Hobart initiative, and following on from the Canary endurance work (winner of the “F*ck’n Brave” award at Artfully Queer 2019), Quin will use an extended “weaving-in” process as the temporal matrix for a much more ambitious durational musical/sculptural work, this time spanning three weeks under the Salamanca Square Christmas Tree – the entire duration of the 2021 Artfully Queer exhibition (and then some).

During this time, using live-streamed crowdsourced lyrics (yes, this means that you can be part of this bizarreness too!), various instruments, and live audio processing technology, Quin will make an improvised musical work of more than 80 hours’ duration – while simultaneously creating a stylised bower for themself out of hand-twisted lace made of raw unspun local sheep and alpaca fleece.

In doing this work, Quin aims – with your help! – to create a broad-based commentary around concepts of HOME – a concept which is vexed in a great many directions. What is home for a queer person? If our blood relations don’t accept us, who do we turn to, and how do we successfully rehome ourselves? What is home during a pandemic – does our place of residence represent safety, or a cage? Whose home is Tasmania – from whom have we inherited, or purchased, or stolen it (or hey, why not all of the above…)? What kind of home are we leaving our children, if we continue to largely ignore the impacts of climate change?

Join in person or via live stream.

Salamanca Square + Long Gallery (singing imput)
Friday 3 – Sunday 19 September 2021
Fridays / Saturdays / Sundays / Wednesdays
10:00am – 2:00pm

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