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Deconstruct / Reconstruct

An exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery by three Salamanca Arts Centre Resident Artists.

An examination of the inevitable deconstruction and reconstruction of the world around us – either by human intervention, or as a natural consequence of time and nature.

Looking at different elements of change, each Jeweller has interpreted the changeability of nature in their own distinctive style.

Rengin Guner has used this opportunity to deconstruct and further explore her existing geometric; ‘imperfect’ design ideas, incorporating different elements such as found objects and natural stones to develop new possibilities within her practice.

Re-interpreting every-day, precious and non-precious materials and inspired by movement and interaction, Tanja von Behrens has used this opportunity to create works that often draw on her daily experiences – using collected items with an independent history to create pieces that tell an entirely new story.


Jacqui Renton presents Fragments – a new body of work, looking at the small moments;
A mood
A glance
A caress
A shared intimacy
“Deconstructing a childhood toy to capture these moments, I hope to portray that nothing is ‘only’ that which we first perceive. We are all capable of being and becoming more.
As we never see the whole of a person or a relationship, we see that which they show to the world or that which we expect to see. We see todays emotions, todays fears, todays joys. For we are all ever changing, becoming new each day as we learn, grow, love, hurt and inevitably age.
Take time to stop and cherish the small moments, as we are all constantly changing and these moments are fleeting.”

Tuesday 1 – Sunday 6 March 2016
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

Tuesday 1 March @ 5:30pm


Image Credits:
Rengin GunerImperfect. 
Tanja Von BehrensKinetic. 
Jacqui RentonFragments. 

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