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EARNEST PRAYER | KwonY (Youngkyoung Kwon)


KwonY (Youngkyoung Kwon) is the recipient of Salamanca Arts Centre’s 2021 Scholarship for a UTAS Graduate.

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre

My project is about mortality and eternal life.

After my father’s funeral, when I see trees in the mountains, I see dead souls wandering this world. It occurred to me that my soul might wander the same, as it will always remain connected to the art of the material world.

I have metaphorically invested an element of my eternal life into this project. My artwork is intended to provide a place for dead souls including mine to reside. Through the process of making paper pulp the recycled material is reconfigured into forms reminiscent of trees and lichens.

I hope my earnest prayer can reach God and my father in heaven.

– KwonY

11 –  26 June 2021
10:00am – 4:00pm daily

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