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Through the process of focusing on just one of the basic elements of landscape, each of the three artists in Elements has diverged from the more traditional approach to landscape painting and freed themselves from the constraints of gravity. The horizon line is absent, existing somewhere in the space between the paintings to facilitate a blurring of perspective and orientation.


Catherine Stringer has always felt ‘in her element’ in water, and her art practice explores water’s almost unlimited metaphorical potential. Her underwater images become dreamlike, ambiguous and allusive.

Annette van Betlehem is well known for her rich and evocative oil paintings of the Tasmanian landscape as seen in her recent hugely successful solo exhibition Proposition: Monochrome.

Mist and clouds have long attracted Bill Dean, often dominating his landscapes. In Elements he has raised his gaze even higher, abandoning land almost completely to create soaring, unhindered cloudscapes.

The paintings are also connected by a shared reverence for the qualities of light in the Tasmanian landscape in the artist’s chosen element.

EXHIBITION DATES: Friday 24 July – Sunday 2 August 2015
9:00am – 5:00pm daily

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 24 July 2015 @ 6:00pm


Image Credits:
Catherine Stringer, Gentle Sands, 81cm x 107
Bill Dean, Untitled, 61cm x 92cm
Annette van Betlehem, LIMINAL, 90cm x 90c

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