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Best of Australian Shorts :
2019 Tour

Running Time: 129 min + INTERVAL | Classification: under 15yrs to be w/adult

This programme is a specially curated selection
of highlights from
Flickerfest’s Australian Academy® Accredited
competition programmes in Bondi 2019.

*This programme contains mature themes & is not recommended for children under 15.

Friday 3 May 2019
Doors Open @ 7:30pm | Screening @ 8:00pm

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Adults $15 / Concession $13 (+BF if purchased online)
Or purchase a Festival Pass Adult $30 / Concession $26
Tickets available ONLINE via moshtix or at the door


Two young adults, Andrea and Caleb, come face to face with the complexities of sexual consent and realise technology won’t provide the answers.

Produced as part of Wide Angle Tasmania’s NERVE initiative. 

Director: George Underwood | Writer: Adam Ransley | Runtime: 10mins | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia


A polar bear cub, the Ghostbear, wanders through the antic wasteland in search of his place in the world and his birthplace in the stars.

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE | Director: Paul McDermott | Writer: Paul McDermott | Producer:  Justine Kerrigan, Lincoln Wogan | Runtime:  6min | Year:  2017 | Country: Australia


A modern comedy chronicling the dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter entirely through their phone calls.

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE | Director: Miley Tunnecliffe | Writer:  Miley Tunnecliffe | Producer:  Emilia Jolakoska, Miley Tunnecliffe | Runtime: 14min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia

Della Mortika: Carousal of Shame

This is the fantastical world of Della Mortika, where steam is king, where life is hard, but where adventure is always adventure.

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE | Director: Marisa Martin | Writer: Geraldine Martin | Producer: Marisa Martin, Geraldine Martin | Runtime: 17min | Year: 2018 | Country:  Australia


Tormented by the news that they bear, two men from town watch over a family whose lives are about to change forever.

WORLD PREMIERE | Director: Peter Gurbiel |

Writer: Peter Gurbiel | Producer: Iris Tascon, Jess Black, Peter Gurbiel | Runtime: 16min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia

Lost & Found

A bumbling knitted dinosaur must unravel himself to save the love of his life.

Director: Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe | Briter: Bradley Slabe | Producer: Lucy J. Hayes | Runtime: 8min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia

All These Creatures

An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.

Director: Charles Williams | Writer: Charles Williams | Producer: Charles Williams | Runtime : 13min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia

Lil Bois

After swimming with his friends in a billabong, a nervous little boy returns to his camp and discovers everything has changed.

Director: Grant Thompson | Writer: Grant Thompson | Producer: Courtney Collins | Runtime: 17min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia

Judas Collar

In outback Australia, a wild female camel is captured and fitted with a tracking device known as a Judas Collar based on a real-life practice, Judas Collar explores the importance of connection and the tragedy of self-sacrifice.

Director: Alison James | Writer: Alison James | Producer: Brooke Silcox | Runtime: 15min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia

Desert Dash

On the outskirts of Australia, Opals are now the currency for survival in the game of Desert Dash. When a feisty heroine gets the opportunity to ‘level up’ there is no choice but to win. Game On.

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE | Director: Gracie Otto | Writer: Gracie Otto | Producer:  Gracie Otto, Jessica Carrera, Francesca Duncan, Graig Deeker | Runtime: 13min | Year: 2018 | Country: Australia


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