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FLICKERFEST : Best Of International 1 – 2017 Tour

The first of two International programmes on tour as part of Flickerfest 2017.

Featuring the best short films from around the world from Flickerfest’s 5 International competition programmes in Bondi.

Running Time: 104 minutes | Classification: Under 15 years to be accompanied by an adult

TICKETS: Adult $18 / Concession $16 (includes post screening drinks & nibbles)
Tickets available ONLINE and at the door 

Want to attend both nights? Then why not purchase a FESTIVAL PASS

Thursday 30 March 2017 @ 6:30pm


OS Love
A young woman dives into the absurd realm of screensavers and desktop backgrounds until merging with the uncanny operating system named “OS Love”.
Director: Luc Gut | Writer: Luc Gut | Producer: Marcel Derek Ramsay | Runtime: 6 min | Year: 2016 | Country: Switzerland

Battalion to my Boat
Dreaming of a life beyond the confines of the Western Sahara refugee camp, 13-year-old tomboy Mariam runs away to join the military, naively envisioning herself a Jeanne D’Arc who will liberate her country.
Director: Eimi Imanishi | Writer: Eimi Imanishi | Producer: Eimi Imanishi, Julia Thompson, Ghalia Omar Ahmed |Runtime: 14 min | Year: 2016 | Country: Algeria, United States

La Convention de Geneve (The Geneva Convention)
Just when he is about to take the bus home from school, Hakin is caught up in a settling of scores between a group of teenagers.
Director: Benoît Martin | Writer: Benoît Martin | Producer: Stéphane Demoustier, Guillaume Dreyfus, Manon Eyriey | Runtime: 15 min | Year: 2016 | Country: France

Nocturne in Black
In a war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighbourhood, a musician struggles to rebuild his piano after it is destroyed by Jihadists.
Director: Jimmy Keyrouz | Writer: Jimmy Keyrouz | Producer: Felecia Hunter, Ellie Foumbi, Marc Fadel | Runtime: 23 min | Year: 2016 | Country: United States

Une Tete Disparait (The Head Vanishes)
Jacqueline has lost her mind a bit, but whatever, for her trip to the seaside, she has decided to take the train by herself, like a big girl!
Director: Franck Dion | Writer: Franck Dion | Producer: Richard Van Den Boom, Julie Roy | Runtime: 9 min | Year: 2016 | Country: Canada, France

Parents living at the end of a quiet Cul-De-Sac discover a listening device inside their son’s teddy bear.
Director: Damon Russell | Writer: Shawn Christensen, Damon Russell |Producer: Brenden Hubbard, Matt Raffa, Shawn Christensen, Thomas Shanahan | Runtime: 15 min | Year: 2016 | Country: United States

Va Banque (Risky Game)
When 17-year old Melanie fails a test in physical science, she tries to blackmail her teacher. But he’s not the nerd he seemed to be. Who’s the victim, who’s the offender?
Director: Stefan Plepp, Christine Kabisch | Writer: Stefan Plepp | Producer: Stefan Plepp | Runtime: 11 min | Year: 2016 | Country: Germany

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.
Director: Juanjo Giménez  | Writer: Juanjo Giménez, Pere Altimira | Producer: Juanjo Giménez, Daniel Villanueva, Arturo Méndiz | Runtime: 15 min | Year: 2016 | Country: Spain


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