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Form & Texture

KwonY has a deep rapport with the textures,
patterns, and forms found in the built
environment and landscape while firmly connected through the plants, which are in turn the physical matter of her art.

KwonY’s early work predominately focused on drawing and painting but later moved into abstract works and installation art using pulped paper, wood, and light.
This evolving exhibition will include showcase works in several mediums, highlighting the breath of KwonY’s arts practice.

I often feel guilty about making art for many reasons. Many of the artworks include study works that I created, which eventually ended up in the bin. More recently I started working mainly with paper, because of the many advantages of paper, but also because it is easy to dispose of. While I produce my artworks, the idea that I am creating another piece of rubbish still disrupts my concentration on the process of artmaking.

I wanted to reincarnate the paper into a tree, not rubbish. I made paper pulp and handmade paper from recycled materials and reconstructed it anew. I have reconfigured materials into forms reminiscent of tree barks or moss on a tree to express the theme of reincarnation in my work.

The labour-intensive and repetitive process of tearing, soaking, grinding, reassembling, and spreading paper is an important factor in my art practice. This process is like a meditative ritual that empties my negative thoughts about me creating art. In the end, it also reflects my desire that my artwork no longer becomes rubbish and remains as meaningful work.”
KwonY (Youngkyoung Kwon)

Friday 2 July – Saturday 31 July 2021
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturdays 10:00am – 3:00pm
Sundays CLOSED

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Image Credits: KwonY (Youngkyoung Kwon)


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