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Gleaner’s Caparison

“Happy are the gleaners, for they can see the gold in the garbage, and they shall have silk purses from pig’s ear ‘oles.”
– EK, 2022

An installation by Ella Knight

The invention of plastic combined with the human lust for more, and more, and more… has resulted in a glut of obsolete paraphenalia and extraneous stuff; a situation for which there now must be a reckoning.

For those with the sight, this largesse is a wonderful resource, to be harnessed with wanton abandon and joyous creativity.

Friday 29 April – Sunday 29 May 2022
*Installation viewable 24/7

Image Credits: Ella Knight. Car innertube, fitballs, rubber grapes,  squishies, placemat, soccer balls,  vinyl inflatable furniture, apple seeds, plastic and nickel rivets, steel ball chain, and sunglasses frames.

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