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Held Aloft

Originally from Melbourne, Katherine Perrot recently moved to Tasmania and is a Resident Artists at Salamanca Arts Centre. Katherine works in oils on canvas and linen. 

“Thought the making of art, my own person relationships with the world is explored. The magic of nature offers both lyrical beauty and unpredictable powerful force. Just as a leaf is taken by the wind and swept along by the ethereal currents, we too are swept up in unexpected forces, challenges, dreams, yearnings and losses. 

In my recent body of work, I have painted clothes, chairs and tricycles being swept through a skyscape to symbolise the transient nature of the objects and desires we find or surround ourselves with. My paintings attempt to evoke a feeling of tenderness, and a dance with the other. The beauty of the relationship both past and present. Perhaps a longing or a remembering of something or someone that once has lost or been separated from.  

Sometimes objects give us something to anchor ourselves, as metaphors, to life and identity… for a moment in time… a beautiful fleeting moment.’
Katherine Perrott

Monday 5 – Saturday 31 January 2015

Image Credits: Katherine Perrott. A Change in Direction. Oil on Canvas. 1200 x 1100

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