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Images of Beauty

Celebrating the uniqueness of feminine beauty;
Beauty themed in light and dark;
fantasy and reality.

This exhibition by emerging artists Fiona Lohrbaecher and Mark Shannon aims to blend the subject of ‘the female form’ which has been the inspiration to many artists throughout history. This exhibition explores the theme of female beauty, embracing the female form through modern, traditional and experimental artworks.

Wednesday 3 – Sunday 28 March 2021
9:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday
10:00am – 3:00pm Saturday & Sunday

Fiona Lohrbaecher

“The rounded lines of the female form perfectly reflect the gentle lines and forms of nature. The natural, rounded feminine shapes are often at odds with the thin, angular lines popularised by modern culture and fashion. As a mother of two girls I am passionate about encouraging healthy body images among women, particularly young girls who are targeted, first as children with Barbie dolls, then by the fashion, music and movie industries. Unhealthily thin body images are promoted as desirable, rather than natural, healthy body shapes. My aim is, by creating beautiful artworks  that celebrate the female form in all shapes and sizes and challenge standard concepts of beauty, to portray a counter body culture and encourage women to celebrate their uniqueness.”
– Fiona Lohrbaecher

Mark Shannon

“From fashion model to cemetery statue, using my first pieces I wanted to show beauty themed in light and dark and then combine them both. The fantasy element seems ever present; from first starting to draw art in 2020, I wanted to use scenes and characters to help convey or lead the viewer to a story of their own imagining.”
Mark Shannon

Image Credits:
Key Image: Fiona Lohrbaecher. Aqua Marina (2021). Acrylic, wax and knife cut on card. 50.8cm x 63.5cm.
+ Mark Shannon. Montmartre Cemetery (2020). Graphite on paper. 42cm x 29.8cm.

Fiona Lohrbaecher. Contemplation (2011). Charcoal, conte and oil pastel on paper. 57cm x 80cm.
Mark Shannon. Capturing Beauty (2021). Graphite on paper. 42cm x 29.8cm.

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