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In Darkness there is Light

An exhibition of new works
by Prue Quarmby & Roza Brinkworth

It was hard living in a mining town
on the West Coast of Tasmania
at the beginning of the 20th century
with isolation, weather and danger in the mines extreme without modern transport and communication that we now take for granted.

Darkness has several different meanings: absence of light; depression; fear; sadness; uncertainty. During the mining days of the 19th and 20th centuries, the West Coast of Tasmania could be very dark, both physically and emotionally. In spite of the sometimes overwhelming darkness of living in mining towns and being dependent upon the finding and mining of silver, copper and gold, many residents were close, and have fond memories of their time in these towns.

The premise of this exhibition is that in darkness, there can be found light.

In the darkness of the rainforest…  a shaft of sunlight illuminates a waterfall;
In the darkness of a lashing storm… blue sky breaks through;
In the darkness of the deep tunnel… there is a gleam of colour;
In the harsh darkness of the environment… there is colour and pattern;
In the darkness of isolation… there is family;
In the darkness of tragedy… there is community;
In the darkness of endless drudgery… there is art.

In order to express their impressions of the light in the darkness, Prue Quarmby and Roza Brinkworth will use textiles, found objects, wood, metal, resin, polymer, paper, stones and gems in a variety of works.

Friday 29 January – Monday 8 February 2021
10:00am – 4:00pm daily

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Image Credits:
Key Image: Roza Brinkworth (2019).Textile wall piece. Repurposed fabric, found objects, copper wire, cotton thread.  Prue Quarmby. Copper cuff (2019). Copper. Photograph by Prue Quarmby.
Roza Brinkworth (2019). Kelp basket. Photograph by Prue Quarmby.


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