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In the Shadow of the Earth

In the Shadow of the Earth : A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing bought to you by Artist Run Scientific Exploration; A.R.S.E.

We hold the future
in our memory and our imagination.

Few moments in human history have the power to collect consciousness in such a way that humanity is forever shifted. Fifty years ago, humanity defied gravity, transcended the imagination of science fiction and landed the first human on earth’s moon. That one small step is imprinted on the surface of the moon, and the human psyche forever.

ARSE believes that it has never been so important for humanity to remember our future.

ARSE says that “For as long as we have been looking up we have been looking within”. From the moment the first human looked up to the stars we began a dance with the universe, fleshing out the rhyme and rhythms of our solar system and beyond, searching for traces of the stars in ourselves; unravelling the mysteries of the universe to ravel ourselves. ARSE is inspired by this relationship with the universe (in fact we are engaged to be married) where seemingly infinite parameters can only be explored within the confines of consciousness. ARSE commits not to resolve these mysteries but to deeply engage and empathise with the universe despite its ineffable nature thus allowing the universe to unveil itself. ARSE is compelled to explore and embrace, to reveal and revel in the wonders of the universe, so that those behind us might imagine impossible futures, that those behind them can explore and perhaps someday realise; just as we realised an impossible dream to walk upon the moon.

Where will the next giant leap for humanity lead us!?

On July 16th 2019 our universe has arranged our solar system in celebration of the moon landing event by putting on its own lighting show in the form of a partial lunar eclipse. Inspired by this event, ARSE will explore the wonder inherent in a commemorative lunar landing eclipse and hope to realise a long held dream that someday ARSE will play in the shadow of the earth, and from the perspective of the moon, watch as earth eclipses our sun.

ARSE invites you to come and play in the shadow of the earth.

Friday 2 – Friday 30 August 2019
9:00am – 5:00pm weekdays

Friday 2 August 2019 @ 5:30pm


Image Credits:
In the Shadow of the Earth.
Earthar Eclipse.
All images are created by A.R.S.E. Captain Arsetronaught Rahni Allan

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