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Journey by Lens™
Introduction to Photography

Presented by Peter Steele

This workshop is a fantastic first step into the world of DSLR and mirrorless photography, drawing on inspiring images from top international professional photographers.

With commercial photographer and tutor Peter Steele, this workshop is a fantastic first step into the world of DSLR and mirrorless photography, drawing on the inspiring images of top international professional photographers.

From 19th century film to 21st century digital, the principles of photography and using light to create great images remain unchanged.

Part 1 of Journey by Lens covers the initial basics of:
– Your camera’s exposure controls.
– The exposure relationship between shutter speed, lens aperture and ISO (sensor) sensitivity.
– Using shutter speed to freeze movement.
– Using lens aperture to control subject sharpness and/or background blur.
– Why the ISO sensitivity setting affects image “noise” or graininess.
– How to get all the tones looking right for dark or light subjects.
– Colour temperature – why some scenes feel warm and others cold.
– How to control colour temperature with white balance.
– Using different lenses for different subjects and effects.
– How and why lenses vary in quality and cost.
– How to use wide and telephoto lenses effectively.
– Close up photography techniques.
– The types of memory card in your camera.
– How to use the various image file formats in your photography.
– How to file and store your digital images.

Along the way, superb and inspiring examples from professional photographers will exemplify the use of these techniques. Detailed and illustrated hard copy notes are also provided.

Part 2 consists of practical sessions where students begin to integrate these principles and techniques into their own photography.

Saturday 14 November 2020, 9:00am – 1:00pm

4 Hours, including break


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Image Credits:
Key Image: Peter Steele. Summer, New Zealand.
Slider Images:
Peter Steele. Fashion Model, Bay of Fires and The Three Sisters.

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