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Long Gallery Laboratory: ‘Plastic Histories Unpacked’ by Cigdem Aydemir

Cigdem Aydemir’s Plastic Histories’ Australian premiere is part of this year’s Dark Mofo, with statues wrapped in pink plastic in Hobart’s Franklin Square and Parliament Lawns creating interest in what’s under there.  Why is it that we don’t notice so many public monuments until they’re wrapped in pink plastic?

Plastic Histories was first presented as part of the Vryfees Festival in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa in July 2014, the first artist’s commission by one of  SAC’s Festival partners coming through SITUATE Art in Festivals Arts Lab 2013.

An extension project, Plastic Histories Unpacked, is at Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery Laboratory and provides a context for the wrapped works with additional information and perspectives.

The artist is adding to the exhibition daily and is pleased to hear public  responses to Plastic Histories wrapped and unwrapped. Viewers are encouraged to leave written comments in the Long Gallery.

Plastic Histories provides pause to reflect, commenting on the absence of marginalised peoples in histories and as community heroes.  In South Africa 90% of the population is black yet 99% of the statues honour dead white males of English or Dutch origin.  In Australia, we see high on plinths war heroes and leaders of the colonial invasions. Where are the public monuments to the Aboriginal peoples whose lands were stolen, who fought valiantly to try to retain them, and to the women who endured hardships in new lands.

Hear Cigdem’s interview with Melanie Tait on ABC local Radio, podcast HERE
NB: Cigdem’s interview is on from the 16 minute mark.

Hobart’s Mercury newspaper is following Plastic Histories

Plastic Histories: Friday 10 – Sunday 19 June 2016
Plastic Histories Unpacked: Friday 10 – Tuesday 21 June 2016

Saturday 18 June 2016 @ 12:00 midday
Artist will be available in the Long Gallery to hear responses to her projects.


Image Credits: Sandi Sissel

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