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Meta Matters

Meta from Greek μετά
meaning ‘after’ or ‘beyond’
a prefix meaning ‘more comprehensive’
or ‘transcending’

Marianna Akl + Klaaske Greenwood
+ Martin Blackwell

Marianna Akl

Marianna’s experiences over the last couple of years has resulted in a shift in her artistic practice. These oversize pieces chart her reflections on human emotions and how they influence our perceptions.

By representing how contrasting feelings can coexist in our day to day lives, she has created beautiful aesthetic patterns. Each piece is a product of precisely worked individual moments combined to create a snapshot.

Klaaske Greenwood

Abstracted response to Tasmania’s bush and headlands. Watercolour and ink brush strokes convey the energetic yet calm experience of being in the landscape.

In  contrast detailed studio drawings juxtapose man made and natural objects in a way that makes logic superfluous, a chance to relax the mind.

Martin Blackwell

Featuring numerous  works in various media—paintings, calligraphy, and textile

“3 x 3” will demonstrate how Martin has transformed subliminal philosophical narrative into new modes of expression, through the medium of conceptual art.  Also, the narrative for a new collection of textile works, not yet exhibited, is eco-sustainability.

Saturday 30 April – Sunday 15 May 2022
Wednesday – Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Monday & Tuesday CLOSED

Image Credits:
Graphic Design Klaaske Greenwood & Marianna Akl.
Marianna Akl. Winter (2019) Acrylic on paper, plywood. 122cm x 145cm x 3cm.
Klaaske Greenwood. Ford Shark (2022). Watercolour on paper. 40cm x 40cm.
Martin Blackwell. Minimalatics V (2022). Mixed media. 100cm x 60cm.

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