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Convict pirate’s speech to a captive ship’s Captain:

“You are a Prisoner. Resistance is useless. If you value your life you will get underway at once. The land breeze will soon freshen and carry us round the Cape,and away from this hell upon earth.”
– (Testimony of Capt. Browning 1824)

In the 1800’s it was not unusual for escaping convicts to steal sea vessels and a chance of freedom on the ocean. If they were re-captured the penalty was death but this didn’t deter them.

Tasmania had the most ‘piratical seizures’ of vessels, some of which made it as far as China, Japan and Chile. Notable Tasmanian convict pirates included Charlotte Badger, Catherine Hagerty, James Porter and Benjamin Kelly.

This installation by Eleanor Leleu uses three-dimensional mixed media collage and found objects to highlight a fascinating and little known era in colonial history.

Wednesday 1 – Tuesday 28 February 2017

Image Credit: Eleanor Leleu

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