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Proposition : Monochrome

A series of monochromes oil paintings by Annette van Betlehem about the rainforest landscape.

“The inspiration for this exhibition came from a day out bush on July 30th 2014,  on a favourite west coast track. I watched the heavy front approach… it would turn out to be snow to 200 m the next morning. I took a series of photographs in those light conditions, the atmosphere was so dense. The photographs I were taking were devoid of colour! A black & white landscape in a colour image.        

The light that day annihilated all height and length and breadth – the heavy atmosphere produced a scenic view that I saw as an ‘Interval’ in the transformation of the natural world from one condition to another. Like a suspended moment of change. Like a Noir film still.

Usually, both light and colour play equal roles with texture in the composition of my paintings, the colours chosen are juxtaposed to suggest light and dark, heat and cool, motion and stillness – opposing or differing associations are explored with many layers of opaque and translucent colour. I also use colour as the predominate device to give a sense of depth to the often vertical plane of the rainforest landscape.” – Annette van Betlehem

Saturday 29 November – Sunday 7 December 2014
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 28 November 2014 @ 6:00pm

Image Credit: Annette van Betlehem

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