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Small, intimate colourfield works
are presented back-to-back
echoing depictions of the inward
and outward self.

“Colour is the heart of my practice. As a non-objective colour-field artist, I create works through a process of ritual, routine and reflection.  My colours are considered and mixed in tune to emotional states. I am curious how colour can express emotional psyche and illuminate internal conditions. As colours are added they become ambiguous; mingling and weaving on the page; much like our own emotions and experiences.

Reflection/Refraction is placed in the Salamanca Art Centre’s Lightbox and offers two distinct viewings to the public.

Artworks are presented back-to-back, encouraging the viewer to journey around the Lightbox to view both the public facing (Salamanca Place) and inwardly facing (SAC entrance).

These works have been created with the two concepts;

Reflection – works created to represent feelings of the internal and the private (found in the SAC entrance)
Refraction – that which is presented outwardly, how we bend ourselves to be more presentable and palatable (found on the Street view)

I invite you to this small intimate space, to spend time with these works, to allow your own experiences of the world to be found within these colour fields.”
Catherine D’Orazio

Thursday 1 – Sunday 25 April 2021



Image Credits: Catherine D’Orazio. Reflection/Refraction I (2021). Watercolour on Paper. 15 x 10 cm

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