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REFLECTIONS AND GLANCES: the observer effect

Thursday 5 February 2015 @ 5:00pm

The exhibition displays work over the 2013 to 2015 period.

“I am currently exploring the effect of “connection” with the subject, how this affects any observer of the finished work; the model; and the artist. When eye contact is made between the viewer and the model, there is a more personal element introduced that can affect the way the model poses, the way the artist portrays the pose, and the way the viewer of the finished work responds.

To explore this theme, I have depicted a number of models in two particular situations: Seated and making eye contact with the viewer; and positioned in front of a mirror and either making eye contact with the viewer or observing themselves. I have used life drawing as subjects in these works as they provide a familiar reference point to the observer.

The works are all pastel on white, black and pre-coloured pastel paper, and all are professionally framed.

Over recent years my work has all been in pastel (Conte). I find that pastels enable me to have a greater control of density and predictability of colour and allow me to work intermittently, without the need to continually prepare and remix material. Greater care is required to keep the colours clean and fresh, and there are techniques that had to be learnt in the controlling and blending of colour on the page. I have found that modern pastels are comparatively colour-fast and, once the work is framed, are quite stable.”
– Stephen Firth

Stephen Firth




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