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Sliding unintentionally for a distance, losing one’s footing, falling to a lower level or moving quietly without attracting attention.

Slip by Sara Lindsay, embraces the unintentional to reveal the devolution of computer-controlled perfection.

The 3D printer extrudes soft semi-liquid clay in thin coiled layers paralleling, coiled hand building techniques that have been used in ceramics for millennia.
The perfect print, the perfect object, that can be repeated endlessly, is disregarded in favour of the slips and slops, and misprints.

Thursday 31 March – Monday 25 April 2022*

*Installation viewable 24/7

Image Credits:
Sara Lindsay. Slip (2021). Porcelain. 50 x 50 x 15
Sara Lindsay. Slip (2021). Porcelain. 20 x 20 x 10

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