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Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre as part of Winter Light

6 August 2021


Stickrad Quintet lead by Chapman Stick artist Konrad Park, aka Stickrad, combines an electric stick and drums duo with bassoon, bass clarinet and cello. A musical collision of classical and contemporary sounds, Stickrad Quintet performs new music with high energy and creative abandon, a soundtrack for current times. Stickrad Quintet is a canvas to paint extreme contrasts in sound colour, timbre and emotion.

Stickrad comments: “My principal aim as a performer is to provide audiences with music that is very filmic and with a huge dynamic range. I want the sonic variety and colours often associated with soundtrack music, to be reinforced with the beat architecture and visceral power of the modern stick and drums duo. I also feel that there is so much good music being written for film, which is only experienced at the cinema. I want to give my audience a soundtrack where they can daydream, visualise or think whatever they want, but still feel the emotional and physical impact of a live performance. Think of my music as Hans Zimmer and Arnold Schwarzenegger going out clubbing, with Jerry Goldsmith as the designated driver!”

Stickrad writes from his chosen instrument, the Chapman Stick, which is the newest member of the string family. The stick is a 10 string tapping instrument that covers bass and melody range. Emmett Chapman invented the stick to facilitate tapping on 10 strings, a technique he calls Free Hands. The percussive nature of tapping interfaces well with Konrad’s drumming background and the pianistic sound of the stick gives expression to his great love of harmony and the film composers of the late seventies. Further influences include the jazz/rock explorations of Eberhard Weber and Colours, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Allan Holdsworth.

With so many filmic references you may ask, “will there be a visual component to the Winter Light show?” The short answer is no. As Stickrad suggests, he lets the music invoke the visual sub plot. As a Tasmanian based composer and instrumentalist, Stickrad’s music is directly inspired by the unique and rugged beauty of our island state. Arrangements such as “Life on the Island” are a celebration of living in this place.

Stickrad Quintet offers new music for Tasmanian audiences and continues to break new ground, exploring the possibilities of these electric and acoustic instruments. Stickrad Quintet is an immersive musical experience, but is it beautiful?  Yes, it’s Brute’iful!

6 August 2021
Doors at 8pm
120 min
Interval of 15min at approx. 8.50pm

If you have access needs please get in touch (info@sac.org.au) and let us know how we can assist you. 


FULL $20



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