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The art of design AT the maker

“experiment, repetition and serendipity”1… for those with a prepared mind, the serendipity inherent in process can deliver magical results.

The maker features the work of Hobart designers, Jane Hodgetts and Belinda Winkler. Revealing the creative process through the design practices of Winkler and Hodgetts, this small-scale exhibition takes a peek into the minds of these designers. There is something fascinating about the creative process, about what inspires the designer, about the development of an idea, about the journey from thought to realised design.

Hodgetts and Winkler would seem to have very disparate practices and yet each creates unique and highly sought after designs. There is a shared aesthetic here, defined by a sense of elegance, of pared back form, and an embracing of material qualities.

Exhibitions often show the final results, the finished designs, and as such, the process of their emergence from idea to finished object stays hidden, masking the dynamism of creativity and ignoring the significance of process, development and innovation.  The art of design AT the maker showcases this potential and focuses on the route to the final piece.

Tuesday 1 – Thursday 31 March 2016

Image Credit:
Ceramics by Belinda Winkler. Jewellery by Jane Hodgetts. Photograph by
Peter Whyte Photography

 1. Hughes, P, Minimum Curvature – Catalogue Essay for Belinda Winkler, Balance Point. Hobart: Bett Gallery, 2011

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