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The Inside Out Studio

The Inside Out Studio turns the normally private working space of an artist into a fully accessible studio.

Typically, artist studios are are very private places where ideas are tested, technique are researched and materials are explored. It can be a very vulnerable time for an artist. Ideas and skills may be in the early developmental stage, mistakes are made, concepts may take a distracting path, etc, and it is for this reason that studios are usually only accessible to a few trusted fellow artists.

Exhibitions, when the work is on public display, is usually the only time when most people become familiar with an artist’s work and thus may not be aware of the enormous amount of research, concept development and skill acquisition usually required to present a refined collection of work in a public exhibition.


Julie Payne will be the Artist in Residence and welcomes all visitors to her studio to share in the experimentation of materials, ideas and techniques. A range of drawing materials will be available for those wishing to participate on a one to one basis, or simply come to see the range of work currently being worked on.  Julie is willing to share this process within the public gaze while encouraging others to have some fun with experimentation and drawing materials.

Studio walls will be lined with paper so both the artist and visitors may work directly onto a vertical surface without drawing size restrictions. This then allows for the smallest of drawings to large full body drawing activities. It also calls on a certain act of bravery to stand up fully to a blank piece paper! Due to the nature of the activities, the studio walls will be under constant change. Activities may also involve sculptural works, depending on the progression of ideas during the month long residency.

Friday 1 – Saturday 30 April 2016
9:00am – 5:00pm weekdays

Julie will be in The Inside Out Studio on most workdays but specific appointments can me made by contacting the Salamanca Arts Centre on 03 6234 8414 or info@salarts.org.au 

The Inside Out Studio
is an open working studio where visitors are welcome to participate in drawing experimentation, discuss drawing styles or to simply observe an artist at work in a studio environment.

Materials such as charcoal, pencils, ink, papers etc will be supplied for experimentation. Newsprint will be taped to walls so both the artist and visitors may work directly onto a vertical surface without drawing size restrictions.


Julie is currently working towards exhibitions at the Handmark Gallery and the Allport Museum at the State Library of Tasmania. Her background is in both architecture and the visual arts. She has exhibited in many prestigious art awards such as the Glover Prize, the Waterhouse Prize for Natural History, The Rick Amor Drawing Prize and the Hutchins Art Prize.  Julie and has exhibited widely around Australia and is a past director of Circa Morris-Nunn Architects in Hobart.

Image Credits: Julie Payne

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