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The Insider Out

Presented by Matt Boden, Meg Keating, Damien Kingston, Al Dobson, Tom Robb. 

The Insider Outis a new, one-night-only
multi-artform performance work
that marries soundscape, live performance, animation, video, VJ techniques,
and live free-form transformation of both the aural and visual realm to create a deeply immersive and unique atmospheric experience.

The Insider Out is a new evolving multi-media performance/installation work which explores the shifting relationship of information and data exchange in everyday surveillance and screen culture. Incorporating animations, pre-recorded soundscapes, live improvised music performance, live aural transformation, and live visual mixing the show creates elements that respond to cause and effect, action and re-action, where the observer and participants become integral to, and then integrated in the creation.  The Insider Out examines the complex web of surveilling, monitoring and watching by exploring the shifting culture of viewership, through sound, performance and live editing and mixing, where data and information is openly transformed and re-contextualised. 

The performance aspect will involve musicians performing on a collection of instruments including prepared guitar, analogue modelling synthesiser, no input mixing board, and saxophone.  Their performance will be a non-scripted reaction to the visual works and pre-recorded soundscape.  This performance will be captured and processed in real time –  in the resulting audio stream, and also as a source of modulation and triggering for the visual works projected.  This live mixing and transformation allows the work to bloom outside the control of the creative authors in order to highlight the constantly shifting perimeters of surveillance culture. 

The live sound and music performance aim to heighten the emotional resonance of the work by actively manipulating responses to produce feelings of desire, allure, paranoia, fear and uncertainty. Live mixing and transformation of both audio and visual elements further reflect the constant re-contextualisation and interplay of data sets in our culture of viewership.

This is a FREE EVENT!

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Doors Open @ 7:00pm | Performance Starts @ 7:30pm

Performance Duration:
2 hours (includes 20 minute interval)

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Images courtesy of the University of Tasmania.


This work has been supported by the Salamanca Arts Centre’s HyPe program, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body.

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