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The Invitation

Through meditating on what it means to linger, Caroline McGregor‘s sculptures in steel and timber together with her shadowy paintings and drawing of ambiguous spaces, use line and light to suggest an invitation into the mystery of possibility.

Caroline McGregor’s solo exhibition in the Sidespace Gallery examines the intersection of mental space and physical space through an exploration in media. The Invitation expresses material resolutions to the artist’s immaterial journey. These are private works made public.

Working in a linear language, McGregor’s sculptures are informed by her long-spanning drawing practice, as black steel echoes charcoal in its ability to both ribbon around the space and contain it. Embodying invitation, the artist’s work seeks to create the sensation of doorways and thresholds so that light, air, and others may feel welcome to move through the negative of frames shape. The allure of passageways has been constant in McGregor’s practice, whose large-scale sculptures border on the architectural.

Of great influence upon McGregor’s studio work are two seemingly separate moments in art history, Romanesque architecture, and American minimalism. Having had a sustained interest in the geometry and seriality of minimalist sculpture, it was not until the artists was awarded an opportunity to take up residency in Tuscany that she moved to embrace the femininity if roundness characterised by Italy’s build environment. her memory of the experience is marked by an overwhelming sensation evoked by the passage through ancient cathedrals. This has seen a transformation in McGregor’s Work; whereby the viewer’s physical and psychological navigation of an artwork is paramount.

Enchanted by the beauty of Tasmania sine her move to the state in 2021, she has included Tasmanian timber into many of her sculptural pieces, introducing a certain warmth and tactile comfort to the clarity of the steel line. For the benefit of one who is looking for the door into her work she has sought to allow complexity to appear as simplicity, to make steel feel soft and heavy. form feel light, and always, an invitation to cross the threshold and enter into the mystery.

McGregor has a Master of Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney, and exhibits in Sydney and Paris. McGregor has been awarded the John Valance Prize for Sculpture and has undertaken a number of artists residencies, both nationally and internationally. McGregor is represented in private collections across Australia and abroad and currently lives in the Tasmanian South.
– Introduction by Shannon Smith.

Thursday 14 – Saturday 23 April 2022

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Saturdays 10:00am – 3:00pm
Sundays CLOSED

Image Credits: Caroline McGregor. Sacred Contracts (2022). Steel. 116cm x 62cm x 27cm.

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