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The Last Bastion #3
16 June


Curated by Brendan Walls

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre

Hiss and spray free-for-alls from Outposts artists, interstate drop-ins and local sound-wranglers.

From the sublime to the brutal.

Tickets available ONLINE or at the door (if available)

Friday 16 June 2017
, 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Super Occult Cosmophon 

Michael Fortescue
Smash Hits
Millicent Huber, Lexie Lynch, Lucy Bleach, Jennifer Yu, Maggie Abraham

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Super Occult Cosmophon
Super Occult Cosmophon is a radio improvised duo by artists, curators and mothers Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin. Utilising the most primitive radio technology, amplified mineral samples, lovingly re-kindled transistor parts and looped sources in acts of sound divination and occult listening, Julia and Pip conjure delicate spirit noises and unleash domestic imps. Personal noise made by two friends who are the most visible manifestation of a coven of Sound Maker Tasmanian Ladies who like cake and gin.

Michael Fortescue
Born 5/3/1954. Lived, studied and worked Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Paris. Conservatorium UTAS, Conservatoire Lili et Nadia Boulanger, Jan Sedivka, Francois Rabbath, New Improvisers Action Group for Gnostic and Rythmic Awareness, Greg Kingston and Vopmir, game club, FOCM, folk nose, 3 well dressed poets and 2 serious musicians, TAAB, Ozco, AYO, Mountain Festival, Kickstart Arts and TSO for donkey’s years.  Colour blue, number 5, Janis Joplin, Eric Burdon, Victoria de los Angeles, Guiseppe di Stefano, Claude Debussy, J S Bach, Michelangelo, Kurt Schwitters, Italian, French, Russian food, language, literature. Freelance.

New piece for double bass and vocals, featuring Carolyn Flood and Rose Grayson!

Smash Hits
Making music is not for the faint hearted, nor is it for Smash Hits. Come see them anyway. See, not hear. Music is about sound and experiencing a live act can be an incredibly confrontational experience. Play it safe with un-confrontational Smash Hits. Familiarity; sinking into a warm bath, or just taking a stroll around the grounds with Mr Darcy. Fuck, why not?

Millicent Huber, Lexie Lynch, Lucy Bleach, Jennifer Yu, Maggie Abraham
New piece by Millicent Huber and Lexie Lynch focuses on sound as colour and distortion. Experimenting with open listening and exclusive listening within environments. Exclusive listening performed for open listening, and visa versa. Asking what the implications would be for an audience member in an environment in which both forms are juxtaposed?

With generous assistance from the Allport Bequest.

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