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The Night Gobblers

In this installation, Donna Ritchie explores
how we illuminate the dark constantly.
And at what cost.

The Night Gobblers are the monsters that steal our darkness.
They are the lights themselves, the monster machines that generate the light and the monster money munchers that make us pay for the light.

The Night Gobblers represent the ever expanding sources of light pollution, that diminish our perception of the night skies, increasingly in our cities and suburban areas. This “gobbling up” of the perceivable night sky, has contributed to a lack of consciousness and disinterest in our night skies, which are beautifully apparent and appreciated in rural areas.

The cost of this ever increasing light pollution, is that communities disengage with the wonders of the night sky, both for their aesthetic and educational qualities, in favour of more illuminated, and equally more illuminated, and arguably over-stimulating interior entertainment environments of the nocturnal indoors.

Friday 1 – Thursday 28 June 2018

Artist : Donna Ritchie
Words : Chris Hall

Image Credits: Donna Ritchie

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