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The Processing Plant

In this installation, Donna Ritchie
makes use of the Lightbox
as a “Processing Plant”.

In this sense processing refers to the consideration and distillation of material things that accumulate as part of the artists growth, development and change. The material objects that one collects as identifying artefacts, that trace a person’s traversal through life, art, travel and identity.

Donna has placed personal objects collected over a lifetime around a scientific glass apparatus that she calls “The Distiller”. This being a symbolic conduit to allow long held, accumulated momentos, artefacts and memorabilia to be processed.

Here is where the process begins. During the most commercial and consumer focused  month of our year, Donna’s Distiller will symbolically distil the essence and memory of her objects, and put them into a subjective context, where they are given meaning and definition in time and space, before the process of distillation commences.

This is Phase One of The Process.

Saturday 1 December 2018 – Thursday 3 January 2019

Image Credits: Donna Ritchie

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