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Un Momenta

An installation by Jacqui Ward

Un Momenta
just a second

Navigating this moment in time is difficult.

Life is moving so fast and technology is advancing exponentially – and yet we find ourselves at an impasse.

With the advent of Covid-19 – climate change and the polluting of the planet has been pushed aside in some political arenas. Although at some level, this is understandable, the reality is our plastic waste has increased immensely during this time.

Un Momenta is a monument to the oceans that speaks to the notion of the future – past, and asks the viewer to take a moment to think about the devastating impact humanity is having on the demise of the oceans and planet.

Why do we make monuments – to remind us of the past?
Jacqui Ward

Wednesday 4 – Tuesday 31 August 2021
**installation viewable 24/7

Image Credits: Jacqui Ward. Un Momenta (2021). Longlines, mercury vapour lamp, light,100cm x 35cm.

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